The Shadow Sun Clan are a sect of monks who devote their studies to the balance between good and evil, light and dark. Their devotion to the sun's light grants them the ability to harness its power, while their study of how that light interacts with the world in the form of shadows enables them control over the darkness as well.

ALL Abilities available for Shadow Sun Clan class.

Lv               Abilities

 1:                   kick
 3:                  dodge
 5:              ki-flurry
 7:             double jab
10:               ki-sight
12:                   swim
15:             knee groin
18:               meditate
20:            elbow smash
23:                 rescue
25:             sweep-kick
30:          shadow strike
32:disciple of the shadow sun
34:           shadow sight
36:            shadow form
38:  light within darkness
40:            solar flare
42:              darktouch
45: void of the shadow sun
48:       devoted disciple
50:             sun strike
52:    dimensional eclipse
54:     arcane singularity
60:              supernova