At high levels, Monks are incredibly dextrous, achieving up to five attacks. They have very low AC and as such can dodge very well. Monks have learned to use their body to its full extent, and are therefore more effective without weapons or heavy armor (these can actually inhibit their fighting abilities). Monks are the only class to master the use of Ki.

Monks may choose to become either Shaolins, Mystics, or join the Shadow Sun Clan upon reaching level 30.

Monks can be Humans, Elves, Halfelves, or Drow.

Monks require a good amount of wisdom and dexterity.

Monk skills:

Lv               Abilities

 1:                   kick
 3:                  dodge
 5:              ki-flurry
 7:             double jab
12:                   swim
15:             knee groin
18:               meditate
20:            elbow smash
23:                 rescue
25:             sweep-kick