Mystics are a monk subclass that focuses on the self, not the other. By ignoring the physical, their Sha believes that they can overcome it. They learn defence, not offense. They study their own mind so they may know their opponents mind. They study the world so they may know themselves, and study themselves that they may know the world. Because of this, they are good at much, but great at nothing.

ALL Abilities available for Mystic class.

Lv               Abilities

 1:                   kick
 3:                  dodge
 5:              ki-flurry
 7:             double jab
10:               ki-sight
12:                   swim
15:             knee groin
18:               meditate
20:            elbow smash
23:                 rescue
25:             sweep-kick
31:                scrolls
32:            combat mind
33:        heighten senses           mystic stone
35:           invisibility             levitation
36:               ki-shock
37:           fast healing
39:           displacement
44:         word of recall
45:               relocate
46:             true sight
48:                   fear
49:             enervation
50:                evasion
51:               ki-blast
53:                   mute
54:             feeblemind
58:       ectoplasmic form
60:        mystical shield