01/07/14 We have launched!

06/07/14 Added Functionality for Factions.

07/07/14 Major class rework has been started (and mostly completed).
The base classes remain the same but there are now new
subclasses and they have been reorganised differently.

For more information type HELP CLASSES

08/09/14 MAJOR UPDATE-

- Added class traits (affects)
- Added race traits (affects)
- Expanded ranged combat
- Everyone can now redirect
- Long bitvectors, we will no longer run out of bits
so we can have near unlimited affects.
- Added some herald skills! Check out DEVOTE - Help herald,
help devote, and help the gods names
- Herald skill blood attunement - Depending on their god
they will HEAL when damaged by certain elemental types
- Herald skill helltouch - Debuff, target takes increased
damage from twohanded slashing weapons of a damage type
matching the heralds god.
- Zardoz added some shadowsun skills
- Clerics Cleartime was slow, they now have a skill that
increases their solo experience gains.
- Hundreds of tiny changes!
- dozens of bugfixes!
- Added armor types, there is clothing,light armor,medium armor
and heavy armor.
- New mobrpog commands for builders! mobs can award gold, xp,
groupgold and groupxp!

More to come soon! thanks for your patience.

08/11/14 Some of you may have noticed that you were getting
bonus attacks or that skills and spells were not being cast
at the appropriate level. These changes were necessary
for the following change.

Almost every spell and skill in the game is now ACTUALLY
enhanced by your proficiency!. Before this huge update
this mud, like alhazi and myrradel had proficiencies doing
very little. Now your masteries count for something! go get

Fixed the afk disconnect bug ;)

08/19/14 Some Major additions!

- Spellpower has been added - it functions
similar to damroll for spells. So far it
only affects low level spells, watch for more!

- Cleaned up a TON of old areas, many have been

- The lands of Kallonis have been discovered! But
due to a recent war in the region many areas
are currently not accessible. However you can
reach the following new areas... keep an eye
out for secrets ;)

- Bycross, a city of adventurers
- Inisvale bog
- Vendaro Foothills
- The red Cave
- Horkos cave.

- A new sector type has been added - burning
and to compliment it mages have recieved
a new spell.
- Damage shields reflect only physical damge
- Page length defaults to 60
- Camador guild guards have been fixed.

08/20/14 New Area! Battlescar Spire

Men exploring the vendaro foothills west
of Byross have discovered anceint ruins there!
Adventurers beware! it looks like bugbears have
taken refuge within the ruins!

This area is in the 40k-70k xp Range

08/21/14 Minor updates!

- Skills have been uncapped and increase easier,
you should no longer stop gaining.

- The auto command has some new functions!
autogold, autoloot and autosac.
I may or may not add autojoin in the future, but
as it currently stands i am against it because I
feel it promotes botting.

- Two spells have been added by Zardoz!
Both are for Archmages. Slow and Arcane Shield.

08/21/14 Second update for the day! just some minor bug and skillfixes.
Increased the chance to hide/sneak and some other goodies.


08/22/14 Some changes and improvements to The goblins,
and boggards. 2 new bog spider bosses!

08/23/14 A small green creature has been spotted along the plainsreach!
He darted off into a forest before he could be caught!

- New area Added - Brightwood

08/25/14 MAJOR UPDATE-

- Food and drink have been revamped! eating
and drinking now increase your regeneration
rate. See Bycross shops for Food / Mana that
have these new modifiers!

- The affects command has ben revamped

- The config/auto command has a new look

- Fixed a crash bug related to charmies

- New berserker skill Cheat Death

- New berserker skill Ignore Pain

- Prompt has been revamped -- Help Prompt

08/27/14 MAJOR UPDATE-

- Dual wielding bug fixed

- Added a freezing sector and endure cold mages
changed prot fire to endure heat

- Archmages have gained Eldtritch battery!

- Whole LOT of code clean up including properly
refferencing all classes. And the addition of
two new targetting types for spells, you can
have self only affecting spells now.


- Depending on your devotion you will now
automatically be affected by endure heat
or endure cold!

- Share pain now works! cast it on someone
to take some of the damage they receive!

- New skill 'Enhanced two-hand'

- New skill 'Demonic supplification'
08/24/14 Minor bugfixes to some of the changes.

- New skill for herald, infernal healing

- New skill for herald, demonic leech.

- New skill for herald, dread visage.

- Herald gain rate fixed.

- Some helpfiles added for herald abilities.

09/01/14 This is the start of the scheduled content
update! every week on either sunday or monday
(time permitting for me) there will now be
a content update! at least one new area on
that day!

As for todays.....

The Knights of kallonis have taken note that
the bugbear presence in the vendaro foothills
has greatly increased.

One scout has reported that they have set up
some sort of encampment.

Considering the malicious nature of these
evil beasts this encampment cannot be allowed
to remain!

Adventurers you are set to task. Destroy the
enemies of Kallindor.

This area has an xp range of 70-175k and
increases in difficulty, bugbears can be very
aggresive! enjoy

09/09/2014 Much to the chagrin of the Knights of Kallonis
the Athian cleric Polgron has set up a mission
along the plainsreach. Polgron is recruiting a
militia of peasants beholden to the Athian god
of war, Keros.

Polgron insists his militia will be for the defense
of Kallonis should war reach the borders as
tensions run high.

09/09/2014 The wererats have left their encampment and found
a new home along the plainsreach. The knights of
Kallindor are asking for asistance in clearing
them out.

Beware....something of gret evil seems to have
lured them to their new home. (small change!)

09/09/2014 Orlbohr has decided that selling his wares is
not the only way to do buisness! against his
fathers wishes the apprentice will now buy your
scrap pieces of armor!.

09/15/2014 Minor Updates!

- Surprise attack now does more damage!
- Added a new skill for rogues - Flank
- Infernal healing greatly increased
- New Board System is complete! Help Boards

- Stay tuned for an area update today

09/17/2014 - All items below level 55 are no longer
class restricted
- All items below level 30 are no longer align
- Lowered level of Holy Ward, reduced effectiveness
- Lowered level of Sanctuary
- Lowered cost of many pre-sub mage spells
- Slight increase to weapon mastery rate
- Fixed mastery gains for certain skills
- Herald's Dread Visage is now a defensive spell
with a lowered level
- Confer Essence now also restores ki to monks
- Shadow Disciple damage slightly reduced
- Herald's Desecrating Essence now functional

09/??/2014 How about some new crap to play with?
- Corruption for Ruiners!
- Tumbling Attack for Shaolin!
- Sap for Rogues!
- Shadowsight for Shadow Sun Clan!
- Cry of Havoc for Heralds!
- Repentant for Paladins!
- Adjusted some Herald durations and spell costs
- Reduced attacks for Shadow Sun in light disciple
- Adjusted sun strike healing in light disciple
- Reduced mana cost, damage, and level of spitfire
- Removed xp pool cap
- Only thieves should be peeking again
- Added a bunch of help files so you know what most
of the stuff above does

10/03/2014 Ranger Danger, part 1
- Rangers say goodbye to shoot and charmies
- Rangers say hello to..
- Camouflage
- Call Animal Companion
- Spirit Bond
- Animal Lore
- Beast Master
- Animal Aspect

- Added 'show' command, will display stats on items
in shops
- Some minor tweaks to call animal companion
- Spirit Bond fully functional
- Fixed some typos
- Made group tell color easier to notice
- Added upkeep cost to repentant
- Removed level cap from harm
- Some non-magical affects that were dispellable
are no longer dispellable
- Setting wimpy too high now sets wimpy to max
- Changed some keywords in config to work as expected
- Removed hp/mana/mv penalty for using portals
- %j in prompt should now properly display hps

10/17/2014 - New character creation system! you now have an option
to use the old system (advanced creation) or the new
system (basic creation).
- Three new areas have been added around bycross, they
are there if you can find them, more information to
follow tommorow ;)

- Heralds now have Contract of protection!
- Heralds now have a functioning shadow cloak spell!
The cooldown duration for this spell gets lowered
based on skill with the spell and your spellpower.
- Help files for these to come soon!
- There has been a distinct lack of twohanded weapons
in the world, this has been briefly addressed.
Various mobs throughout the world now carry
two-handed weapons (for example a captain in
Rosemont has his bastard sword upgraded).
There is also a rare load one loading on a
certain rainbowy dragon. And one in a powerful

- Avatars gain divine intervention
- Spellpower sees an increased affect in spells
- Eat soul works better
- Contract of Protection prohibits the use of debuffs in relation
to Desecrating Essence... or something idk I'm not a lawyer
- Most skills/spells with instaskill chance have it replaced with
damage bonus instead
- A map of Bycross can be viewed by typing HELP BYCROSS, courtesy
of Thael

- Fixed some necro spells
- Charmies now credit master for their kills, no need to group
- Charmies now allow autoloot/gold/etc for their master

- Aether Bomb for Archmage fully functional
- Necromancers may reclaim their lost friends with control undead
- Weapon spell procs are based off weapon level rather than caster

- Dimensional Eclipse is fully operational
- Cause light/serious/critic replaced with cause wounds, a scaling and
somewhat better version of its predecessors
- Shadow Sun's 'darktouch' now also includes an ac debuff, and
features greatly decreased duration and increased cooldown
- Decreased lag on eat soul and gruesome mending slightly
- Berserkers get a slight bonus to rage/berserk/bloodlust
skillchecks from having a high strength
- Sigil of the damned no longer castable on items below level 55
- Quest command currently disabled until fixed

- Avatars learn energizing hymn
- Knights learn to inspire
- Necromancers are able to summon a transcendental coffin

- Necromancers learn patch undead, cannibalize, and book of the dead
- Holy/Unholy Word de-nerfed somewhat

- Charmies can no longer equip items
- A new equipment slot, the class slot, which will offer different
things to different classes. Look for items useable here soon.
- Necromancers are able to raise ghouls
- Spellpower sees an increased effect on spells
- Energizing hymn castable on self
- Avatars may summon a personal incarnation
- Spiritual hammer damage lowered slightly
- Having autojoin enabled will persuade your followers to assist you

- Sigil of the Dead, Desecrating Essence, and similar debuffs no
longer stack
- Spellpower has an increased affect on minions
- Mass vortex lift will either fail or succeed for everyone
- Squished some bugs

- Sorcerers learn wizardry
- Monks learn ki-sight
- Maximum number of magic missiles dropped
- Several areas that had eq with weird or bad stats have been updated
- Some monsters in these areas have gotten easier, others harder

- Level 60 players may train Champion levels at the trainer. Expect
additional functionality with these in the near future.
- Archmages see increased mana regen the better trained they are in
eldritch battery
- Avatars are able to group bless and group armor
- Spellpower affects conjured elementals

- Glance without a target will display your group's conditions
- Dismiss /dismiss all will get rid of charmies

- Mages learn to fade
- Hybrid healing skills/spells somewhat normalized
- Some mage subclass spells balanced
- Ghouls are a bit stronger
- Equipment damage removed until further notice
- Spell ranges removed until further notice
- Several areas received equipment balancing

- Players below level 10 no longer leave a corpse on death
- Death Field functionality changed
- Demonic Supplification functionality changed
- I just noticed Supplication is spelled Supplification
- Some special items will have minion offense and minion
defense stats on them. These will improve some summoned

- Most spells now correctly check for saves
- Archmage's web stuns a bit more reliably
- Heralds may use contract of protection alongside
their desecrating essence debuff
- Regeneration functionality updated
- Desecrating Essence castable during battle

- Look for the cities of Troy and Atlantis, as well as the
Awana Resort and Ancient Kameya
- Several bug fixes

- Mystics learn read object and ego whip
- Several Mystic abilities updated

- Mystics lose mute, gain empathetic aura and perpetual meditation
- The Wandering Sage has ceased his wandering and taken up residence
at the Inn of the Last Stag in Myrradel.

- Paladins learn prayer and holy strike
- Mystics learn ki-restore
- Herald's shadow cloak lasts a bit longer
- Trip and its combat advantage debuff have been separated to no
longer make the game think you are tripped for longer than you are.
- Energizing hymn is a battle song, and can only be used as such. Its
mana restoring qualities have been increased.
- Casino chip repop rates in the Awana Resort have been increased
- Several areas have been rebalanced
- Several out of combat buffs have had their costs lowered. Spend
your mana killing things.

- Ki-shock damage increased slightly
- Ki-flurry now initiates combat in a cleaner manner
- Several skill interactions with spirit bond have been improved
- Spellpower bonus from make focus reduced slightly
- Insect swarm damage slightly improved
- Energizing hymn has had its spell lag and returns halved
- Increased max input length a bit, which will allow for longer

- The pee social has been vastly improved and is now the peepee social

- Glance w/o argument works in combat
- Reduced hellstream damage slightly
- Archmage and Necromancer damage was raised slightly, through
Spirit Rend and Arcane Missiles mostly
- Slow duration increased
- Druid's ice pellets and fire seeds damage made more consistent
- Druid's creeping doom was nerfed a lot
- Paladins may stack Holy Aura with sanc spells, since it was being
done anyway
- Divine Intervention doesn't require your friend to be quite so dead
- Only thieves can lockpick, as was intended

- New command, last, to view channel histories. Read "help last" for
more info. Thanks Myrlin!
- "Command" list of commands are easier to read
- Brew and Scribe now function correctly

- New run command, see "help run"
- New train options at the trainer for converting large amounts
- Ki-restore useable in battle
- Arcane Missiles level lowered, spell rebalanced
- Patch Undead less buggy
- Unnatural Barrier updated
- Confer Essence will restore ki to a Mystic rather than mana
- Guardian Angel now scales with mastery, and can skill-up on proc
- Failing to initiate combat with ki-flurry results in reduced lag
- Lots of bugs in the bug reports squished. Keep them coming!

- Auto Quests are once again working. Quest to your heart's content!

- Rangers learn animal aspect, a powerful ability that allows them to
impart their summoned companion's powers upon their group.
- Contract of Protection stacks with similar preventative spells
- Heal output and efficiency improved slightly
- Several Herald spells have had their durations increased
- Druid's woodland creatures will hang out longer before going home
- A large number of your bug and area reports have been fixed.
- The Camador questmaster sells a few new objects, not the least
of which is a token tradeable for a player house. Help house
for more information.

- A treasure hunter has settled into Camador, currently seeking
diamond quest splinters
- The PROMPT and BLANK toggles in config work once again

- New items are available for purchase at the Camador questmaster
- Equipment damage disabled (for reals this time)
- Druid spell damage lowered slightly
- Druids gain the rejuvenate spell

- Assassins learn the knives out ability
- Druids forget creeping doom
- Druids learn mana tree and shapeshift
- Several items from bug reports fixed

- The east gate of Bycross has opened to new areas! more info soon.

- Druids may shapeshift into Treants and Dryads. HELP SHAPESHIFT
- Dryads learn the Tree of Life and Gaia's protection spells
- Treants learn the ironbark and overgrowth skills
- XP tables from 45-60 reduced slightly
- Some level 20ish areas have seen an increase in xp rewards

- Some bugs fixed, hopefully no more crashes :D

- Ruiners learn the Hexblade skill, but forget acid blast
- hieves learn a new {o{yTHIEF COMBO{w system
- Thieves learn the following skills: feint attack, opportunity knocks,
confounding attack, escape artist, maim, exposed throat, mug and
clever riposte
- A tanking thief may use circle while in a combo, and may backstab
in a combo during combat if not tanking
- Ranger's companion attacks scale with both the companion's skill
as well as the generic call animal companion skill (which also
gains masteries more easily now)
- Overall companion damage reduced slightly
- Ranger's monkey companion should no longer be buggy
- Paladins may correctly gain masteries in Holy Strike
- Druid's higher level pets have had their hp pools reduced quite
a bit, but will also scale a little bit with spellpower

- Strange seismic activity south of Bycros has caused a portion
of the wall to collapse! It is said that the area south of
the wall is now flooded with kobolds! (new area level range 1-10)
- Orgram the hide trader in gull has been tweaked to serve
you better!


The Plains Reach west of bycross has been repaired from recent damage
and now extends further towards the city of Kallindor. Rumors however
suggest that something has fallen from the sky along the highway and
has caused some trouble within the area!

Two new areas have been added for the 10-30ish level ranges!
The beetle cave and The hive!

== The beetle caves are now lit, as intended ==

- Happy April Fool's Day!

- A new 'check' command has been added for players without prompts
- The suggested level range of your current area is shown in 'where'
- Darktouch's duration and lag has been reduced
- Tree of Life's cooldown has been slightly reduced
- Treant's damage was raised slightly
- The spell reductions while shapeshifted have been reduced slightly
- Hexblade's damage spell procs have a slightly better level bonus
- Some rogue base class combat skills have had their lvl lowered
- Mage subs now correctly receive the breathe water spell


Once again the knights of Kallonis have cleared the eastern roads
and declared them safe! new areas await to be discovered!

- Added a new city (more tweaks to come) Degantis!
- Wererats has been moved out of the east gate of Bycross
- Heading north out the west gate of Bycross leads to a festival!
- Brightwood forest now leads to the faerie forest!
- A trading post has been set up on the way to Degantis!
- Another floor has been added to the mud school to make
the experience gains smoother.
- Almost every area around Bycross has had slight tweaks!
- A wandering sage now calls the Bycross adventurers guild home
pay him a visit to identify your goods!
- Moord has been driven from his encampment and has
relocated north of the amber fields!

- Added xp, level, tank, gold, and plat args to 'check' command
- %T will now show the name of your current tank in your prompt
- Shadow form grants a small armor bonus while active
- Shadow form and sneak can gain masteries while moving
- Druid's moon beam is no longer a damage spell, but will allow the
druid to ride a moon beam to a target (while moon is visible)
- You can no longer dip into negative xp from dying soon after gaining
- Supernova ki cost has been reduced
- Solar flare will blind your enemies more often
- Enchant weapon no longer increases an item's level, but the power
of the enchant is now determined by item level rather than caster's
- Gaining skill or weapon masteries grants a small xp bonus
- Fixed an old bug in skill masteries which penalized players under
certain conditions
- Bycross now has a trainer and a mortician.
- Otto has come to bycross and set up shop.
- A value which implementors didn't think did anything does something,
and may have been screwing you out of masteries. I've went over every
skill and spell and adjusted this value on many of them. Some were
flat-out impossible to gain mastery in, and many were too difficult.
Any skill or spell with a long cooldown between uses or which uses
expensive components has received a large bonus to chance.
- Shield Bash damage is now based upon armor class of shield rather than
- Disciple of Light now grants a hp bonus to the user
- Disciple of Shadow now grants a hitroll bonus
- Thief backstab penalty has been removed to set them on par with other
- Slashing and Piercing weapons with different verbs now correctly proc
skewer (claws, stabs, etc)

- Failing swim now costs more movement, rather than preventing movement
- Every few champion levels you gain will now add a passive bonus to
your hitroll, damroll, and spellpower
- You now gain your intelligence's stat bonus to spellpower, similarly
to the relationship between strength and damroll
- Increased charge's chance to hit
- Bloodlust no longer blinds you
- Cripple will deal damage to your target, even if it wasn't enough to
cripple them

- Many (most) things were not taking into account your full damroll
bonus, including strength bonus. This has been corrected.
- The default timeout for board messages is now 10 years, up from
15 days
- Ki-Intensity chance to gain mastery increased
- Demonic Leech proc formula updated, lower lvls should see increased
- Treant damage bonus from spellpower has been increased
- Skewer's crit chance has been increased since it can no longer
instantly kill
- Contract of Protection has been buffed up slightly to give the same
amount as holy ward
- Herald devotion bonuses have been updated and now scale with level
- Fire devotion is scaling damroll
- Cold devotion is scaling spellpower
- Electric devotion gives a chance for a bonus attack
- Some herald skills have been moved around to help their damage in
the lower levels

- Certain mobs may reward your group with quest points upon killing
them, have a mob in mind that you feel is challenging enough to?
Submit it via /idea
- New champion passive benefits, shown in {yHELP CHAMPION{w
- Rewrote the formula for gaining skill masteries, turns out a level
60 skill had a 0.07% chance to skill up with 25 int. Int now plays
a bigger role, and the scaling isn't nearly as screwy
- Shadow Strike's chance to blind was increased
- Pixies are now resistant rather than immune to lightning. Heralds
who worship Deia-Dara rejoice.
- Your sent tells no longer show up in last tell
- Replies now correctly show up in last tell
- Mobs no longer stay sitting indefinitely after being bashed

- Hellbor in Bycross now officially has a mini quest! He is looking
for some red dragonscales and other materials to make some goods!
- Mob functionality and ai has been improved slightly. You will see
The new functionality in new areas that are coming soon. Expect some
older areas to be updated in the near future.

- Ruiner spell damage has been lowered somewhat
- Ruiners gain the haste spell
- Lance of ice damage has been lowered. Part of its calculation now
comes from learned % (boo!!!!) but it can now gain masteries
when attacking while wielding one (yay!!!!). It is not meant to
be better than *all* gameload weapons but is a viable alternative
and useful.
- Lance of ice now has a small chance to dispel fireshield on hit
- Future Ruiner changes welcome player feedback

- Auto quest level requirement lowered from 45 to 15
- Quest difficulty and rewards now scale with your level better
- Can sometimes gain a practice session from completing a quest
- Area/mob selection should be a bit better
- Remove alignment success rate has been updated
- Cripple receives a much needed nerf, still an excellent 60 skill

- Arcane Abatement does something
- Auto quests should take less spamming to find a quest
- Cripple lag reduced from 3 rounds to 2, effect now based on
charges and can run out early on mobs with a lot of attacks

- 7 New arenas added! (ok some were old alhazi arenas!)

- Spiritual Hammer is better than Harm again
- Some improvements to the scatter command

- Ki-Restore useable on oneself
- The Zhrastan mud school is no more

- Rolo now gives quests once again! Save your quest
points for rewards to soon be added!

- Assassins learn the mark and killer's retreat skills

- You can now change the colors that different channels display
in. Read HELP SETCOLOR to learn more.
- Sorcerers learn the air shield, earth shield, and static pulse spells
- Sorcerer focus bonus damage reduced somewhat
- Shadow Sun's darktouch ability cost reduced
- Some ruiner spell costs reduced slightly
- Fixed a few bugs related to bash and trip
- Fixed a lot of bugs with groundsmash
- Wraithform cost/duration increased
- Identify will now correctly show the 4th spell affect on any
pills/potions/scrolls/etc that you weren't aware they had
- Necros casting flesh decay on a plagued subject will see increased
- Linkdead characters will now dismiss their charmies when the game
tries to make them quit, preventing them from staying forever

- The crystal wall in the crystal castle is temporarily disabled
- Fixed some errors with AOE spells
- Fixed a few issues with the new sorc spells
- Call lightning can now be resisted

- Player corpses now also have the player's name as a keyword
- Monks wielding or holding items now receive a warning in combat
- Fixed a bug with cheat death, I think?
- Call lightning damage is now a dice roll rather than static amount
- Some drinks with high mana recovery that were easily obtained have
been reduced. New drinks with high mana recovery have been introduced

- Stylaas and the Camador questmaster have been working on new recipes
- Disarm no longer cares how tall you are

- Fixed the unreported fill container glitch
- Create spring and create food/buffet now grant regen that scales
with level of caster

- Spell resistances have changed. Rather than a chance to reduce damage
by half, resistance to damage types are applied to every spell,
lessening (or increasing if vulnerable) the damage applied
- Mobs now receive natural resists based upon their difficulty. These
natural resists do not apply while the mob is tripped/bashed/stunned.
- Fixed an old bug that made everything resist, immune, and susceptible
to fire. I didn't take the time to figure out if this was a net
positive or negative for fire-based abilities.
- Rage now correctly has a lag associated with it
- Call lightning damage reduced slightly
- Energizing hymn mana restoration reduced slightly
- Earth shield cost increased slightly
- A hidden area in wererats is once again accessible
- Orc soldiers in Humans vs Orcs behavior changed

- Some equipment with 5 or more damroll or spellpower have had other
stats decreased on them (prime attributes only). This will be a
growing trend moving forward.

- Thieves have a wider window to use their combo skills in, and will
not break the combo by failing the skill
- The success rate on steal was going as high as 97%, and is now more
in line with other skill rates
- The gold amount stolen from mobs at a single time has been reduced,
the amount stolen from players is now twice that amount
- The penalty for stealing coins from players was reduced by 75%
- Mystical shield now prevents more damage than it previously did
- Ki-shock and ki-blast have had their damages increased
- Ki-restore should fail less often, costs less, and now defaults to
the user if no target is specified
- Spiritual hammer now deals more damage on average, has had its cost
reduced, and grants a small debuff to energy saves when not saved vs
- Gavel of Justice and Conflagration apply short debuffs to holy and
- Sanctuary will now provide a message to others when it wears off
- Body parts chopped off of kills will now provide a scaling healing
bonus when eaten
- Fixed an exploit caused by dispelling charm on a mob in battle
- Skewer's damage bonus lowered slightly
- A lot of caster items had oversaturated attributes and some have been
- Removed a lot of earthen flags off armor
- Trip/bash/stun no longer removes a mob's natural spell resists
- Mobs no longer have straight 13s for attributes, making -stat debuffs
more useful on them

- Increased stats on mobs was lowered, as it was having higher affects
than intended
- Mob's scaling resistances to spells is less static

- Eating pills and quaffing potions fills you up
- Shield block suffered a big hit from increased mob stats, this is somewhat
balanced out
- Charge damage reduced slightly. It was giving the equivalent of 2 full rounds
of attacks, and is now basically giving 1 less attack.
- Group bless and group armor were getting a bit out of hand and have had their
spellpower bonuses reduced slightly
- Charge and backstab now have a slight chance to miss
- Dual backstab's hit rate significantly improved
- Mark now makes targets easier to hit, rather than taking increased damage
- Killer's retreat skill toggleable

- New paladin spell, shield of faith

Lots of changes taken from idea and bug logs
- Share Pain should now work
- Ki-restore correctly targets self in combat with no arguments
- Holy Strike can be used in conjunction with Shield of Faith
- Mark now correctly makes it harder for your target to hide
- Added message when leaving hide
- Fixed a display error when training all gold to plat in a clan w/ tax
- Removed a rarely used racial size restriction on eq
- Removed the dark red coloring from align in prompt
- Each sigil'd piece of eq now adds to chance of losing stats on death
- A lot of spells that would simply say "Ok." have been updated
- Necro ghouls: increased hitroll, decreased damroll
- Slightly decreased the armor and damroll bonus on personal incarnation
- Slightly reduced the healing bonus from spellpower
- Auto quests will no longer target charmed mobs
- Fixed several broken doors in rooms
- Charm no longer affects the undead
- Share pain really fixed this time
- Like for real this time

- New paladin spell dragons bane
- New ranger spell kill command
- Herb lore heals less at lower levels
- Several new resins added to the game
- Several other minor bugfixes

- Kill command damage reduced and cost increased
- Feline agility dex buff and duration decreased
- Several spells and skills which increase % hp now use base rather than current
- Treants are healthier
- Dessication's fire resist debuff is more in line with similar spells

- A bug with resists wasn't granting a baseline damage, some spells will
be lower
- Fixing the above bug makes resist debuffing spells work as intended
- A key part of spirit bond was never working, and now works
- Puffy breeches 27% puffier

- Water Palace has below average gold and above average xp
- Necromancer spell damage lowered
- Necromancers may now have one minion of each type out at once
- Zombie hps increased
- Spectre now casts variety of lower level mage spells based on your lvl
- Ghoul hitroll bonuses increased
- Friendly AOE spells should no longer hit groupmembers' pets
- New Necromancer spell empower undead
- Several Necromancer spells have had their level requirement changed
- Necromancers may no longer group recall
- Necro pets have better room descs and keywords to tell them apart
- Balance in either direction is probable, so expect changes

- You may now target groupmembers and charmies w/ the affects command
- New Necromancer skill "profane surgery"

- Necromancer pets no longer count towards the maximum number of
fighters attacking a mob
- Profane Surgery base duration increased slightly
- Ki-agility no longer requires an argument and always buffs for 8
- Mobs in arenas should no longer show up as quest targets

- Necromancer damage pets base health increased slightly
- Empower undead now grants immunity to damage shields
- Can now recall ungrouped charmies
- Find Path now works as expected
- Backstab now has a chance to miss vs victim ac, gets a bonus
to hit from hitroll and from whether or not the victim can see you
- Dual Backstab chance to hit reduced to an area between what it used
to be and what it recently was
- Backstab's multiplier vs players reduced slightly
- Thieves and assassins may circle vs huge mobs if enlarged
- Some cleric spells which weren't reduced in shapeshifted forms now
receive similar penalties as druid spells

- Backstab adjustments (+)
- The entirety of the Crystal Castle is again accessible
- An adjustment in building policy has affected a few enchantable items.
Their overall stats are still better than non-enchantable counterparts
- Several commands no longer take you out of hiding (chat, etc.)

- You can send and receive tells while asleep
- Profane surgery cost reduced, duration increased
- Shapeshift issue which was causing stat bugs fixed
- Animal lore correctly applies bonus to spells and companion
- Rite of communion replaces buff if present on groupmates
- Trip's effect on parry/dodge increased

- Run command disabled until further notice
- Hitroll's affect on combat increased
- Necromancer spell damage improved slightly
- Container weight limit shows up in identify
- Removed the free round on damage spells
- Mystic ki regen scales with max ki

- Run command enabled, report any bugs.

- Mystical shield improved greatly
- Mystics learn biofeedback
- Mystics learn spirit hands
- Mystics learn cell adjustment
- Mystics learn enhance body
- Ki-shock and ki-blast damage reduced, costs lowered, and now scale
better with equipment
- Several mystic buffs/debuffs improved through duration or effect
- Contract of protection no longer stacks with other damage-reductions
- Dread visage chance increased

- Desecrating one's enemies now enforces Herald's contract of protection
- Spirit hands no longer makes mystics do energy damage, but does
include a hitroll buff now
- Fixed a few checks for fly that were ignoring +fly equip
- Entangle reworked, cost and lag lowered
- Autojoin and guard were not checking to see if you were in a
waitstate, and now work as intended

- Autojoin and guard changes reverted until a better fix is implemented
- Several ranger pets have had their damage increased slightly
- Added a message when the bunny makes you crit
- Entangle may be cast indoors, with slightly decreased potency
- Should be able to cast on non-primary target again

- A mysterious temple appears west of Zhrastan
- A city south of Rosemont has been liberated by its people
- Some of its citizens have been seen hanging around guildmasters...

- Several paladin buffs have had their costs and durations adjusted
- Circle of Security will overwrite any existing protection spells
- Transportation spells will no longer cast above the caster's level

- Paladin heal costs and in-combat penalties reduced slightly
- Paladin and Ruiners had a really shitty damage bonus vs opposing
alignments. This has been rewritten and now scales both with your
level as well as the difference between yours and your oppononent's
- Removed two big exploits I don't think anyone ever found. Tee hee.

- The maximum amount of spellpower a spell can gain now scales with the
level it is obtained at by your class
- Crawl now works. Walk to return to normal.
- SSC ac bonuses from skills reduced slightly
- Some mobs now resist stun effects rather than just outright being
- Two-handed weapons can no longer be used to backstab or circle
- Travel spells can only be cast on targets up to 2 levels above you
- Regen rooms now affect ki as well
- Charmed mobs may no longer ask for quests

- Clever riposte moved to a tier 1 thief combo
- New thief skill, Startling Twist
- New paladin skill, Smite
- New necromancer spell, Lich Form
- Necromancers no longer have vampiric trance
- AC bonus from shadow form removed, void reduced some

- New necromancer spell Blood Spear
- Flesh Decay and Spirit Rend damage reduced slightly
- Identify shows weapon types
- Steal xp reduced somewhat
- Animate dead's zombie's hps and mana cost reduced
- Empower dead cheaper
- New damage message "ERADICATES" between VAPORIZE and TD
- Toss now correctly has lag associated with usage
- Sewing an extra arm on your pets will increase their attacks/round

- Global buffs have been automated and randomized, and will refresh
every 30 minutes
- A new bullshit channel which should be used for political or otherwise
spammy talk that not everyone may care about, which is turned off for
new players
- A small temple has been spotted in the mystical astral plane

- Global regen no longer affects NPCs
- Enhance armor spell disabled
- Frost shield benefits non-sorcerers less
- Incinerate/pulverize dmg messages swapped back to where they should be
- Knee groin message updated
- Shield of faith castable in battle
- Monks enter the game barehanded
- Changed bullshit channel colors

- New command, crecall, will recall you to your clan hall
- Fixed potato

- Rejuvenate lasts longer in dryad form, but loses its power bonus
- Simulacrum no longer works on mobprog'd mobs and reduces xp/gold to 0
- Non-rangers will find their ranged weapon damage diminished
- SSC's light disciple hp bonus is now level-based rather than %
- Knights receive a large bonus to riposte chance
- Shield mastery's affect on shield block increased
- Berserkers are unable to shield block while bloodlusted, and the
chance is halved while berserked. Rage remains unaffected.
- Champion level costs have been recalculated. While they start at
higher xp they level out much lower. Plat costs start the same
but increase exponentially. The overall affect is more of a balanced
increase over the levels, hopefully.
- The final 20% of skills/spells must be trained through usage
- You now receive a passive bonus to your skill mastery chance based
on the number of unspent practices you have

- New berserker skill, ferocious blood
- Ignore pain now ignores increasingly large amounts of damage the more
hurt you are


First round of champion skills are in, they are:
Avatar: divine retribution, resurrection
Berserker: bloodbath
Knight: shield superiority
Herald: blood curse

- New command, study, will be used to learn champion skills. Each class must
search out its champion trainer to learn them
- Champion passive benefits have been reduced
- Sigiled items will now decay over time and through use. Visit the Exchanger
located in Bycross near the sage to turn in your old items for unsigiled
ones if you wish by giving him the old item
- Damage and spellpower resins are no longer available for purchase, expect
some new resins in the future
- Spiritual hammer lag reduced to 1 round, damage lowered slightly
- Ki-intensity's cost to maintain per tick reduced from 8 to 6
- Snare durations on traps and skill reduced to 1 tick vs players

** Champion Update 2, part 1? **
- New assassin skill nerve toxin is in
- Fixed a new bug that would expend practice sessions on skills maxed
for your current level
- Fixed a bug that would prevent items to be donated if the donation room
had litter in it

- Sneak lag reduced slightly on success
- Ki-restore is able to skill-up on use
- Druids may shapeshift during battle, though the transformation can be painful
- Inspire has a small amount of lag affixed to it to prevent issues

- New champion shaolin skills are in, read help styles

- Some changes to ki-intensity, help file updated
- New shaolin skill, tranquility
- Players below level 30 may use the mortician free of charge
- Mortician prices for all players reduced slightly

- New command/option 'consent' to allow/disallow group looting your corpse.
Type config or consent to view or change current state.
- Cure wounds max heal reduced slightly

- Display current/next quest timer in prompt. Read help prompt for details.
- Changed champ bonus to stat cap slightly, read help champ for details.
If you feel you have been hugely impacted by this, contact me about reimb.

- Shaolin skills 'earth style' and 'wind style' levels swapped
- Damage on all style procs increased
- Shield superiority now gives knights a minimum chance to block an attack,
regardless of the level of their opponent

- New druid champion spell, shapeshift efreeti
- New efreeti spell, creeping doom
- Reduced repop time for: Amazons, Blackthorn, Black Hole

- New command/config option "exploration" which enables a slightly more
spammy "exploration" mode, showing detailed exit info in rooms

- Lich form retooled and buffed a bit, now a necromancer champion spell

- Desecrating essence no longer hits friendly mounts
- Detect charm level requirement lowered
- An old tavern is open for business near Zhrastan.
* New area in, courtesy of Ether/Peyton

- Several high level eq areas have had their repop times increased
- Added some missing Shadow Sun Clan and Herald help files
- Increased circle's chance to hit
- Added the 'heroic' message between superb and mastered on practice,
'mastered' now only shows up when a skill is completely maxed
- Fixed a few confusing spell messages and other wiggly bits
- Another new area in, courtesy of Ether/Peyton

- Ki-blast cost, lag, and damage increased. Overall a good DPS increase
- Hitroll penalty from bloodlust reduced, scales with dex
- Shield block bonuses/penalties reorganized a bit, should make it work a
lot better against high level targets (especially with shield superiority)
- Spirit hands hitroll bonus scales with spellpower
- Usability improvements to divine retribution

- Thieves have given up their thiefly ways and become assassins
- Assassins have learned many skills from their thiefly brothers
- Combo skills have all been rebalanced (expect more as we go)

- Backstab auto-targets current enemy if used during combo
- Fixed an exploit with divine retribution
- Combat advantage should now apply correctly in all situations

- Fixed a crash bug
- New prompt option %f will show which step in assassin combo you are in

- You know the drill. New area. Peyton. Etc. Near Myrradel!

- New ranger skill, ambush
- New necromancer spell, beyond the grave
- New sorcercer champion spell, elemental overload
- Cripple duration increased, effect slightly decreased
- Eat soul and satanic touch will make you slightly more evil
- Plague bug should be fixed

- New ruiner champ spell, inner demon

- New assassin skill, pilfer (replacing steal for now)
- Reduced maximum weight donation pit can hold (was crashing the mud)
- Fixed a bug with autojoin (let me know if you start hitting yourself again)

- New mystic champion spell, time stop
- Bloodbath now grants a large bonus when mastered, expect other champ skills
to receive similar bonuses when mastered in the future

- Lich form gains new power upon mastery
- Slight tweaks to time stop bonuses at checkpoints
- Dreams works while meditating