When dark and evil entities set their sights on the world of man they send forth wicked and powerful individuals to herald their coming. Usually heralds are twisted priests or cultists devoted to a single dark entity which grants them formidable power. Heralds wear very little armor and have little in the way of health but still prefer upclose melee combat, relying on their skills and gifts to see them to victory.

When a herald choses their devotion it is to the following entities.


ALL Abilities available for Herald class.

Lv               Abilities

 1:                   swim          miscellaneous
                  bludgeon                 spears
               two handers            long blades
              short blades                  armor
             cure critical             cure light
              cure serious           cause wounds
               cure wounds
 2:        continual light
 3:           detect magic                refresh
               turn undead
 4:           create water         cure blindness
               detect evil            detect good
 5:                scrolls
 6:                  wands          detect poison
 7:          detect hidden            infravision
 8:                 staves
 9:            cure poison             earthquake
10:           detect invis
11:            create food
12:                 poison
15:         know alignment
16:          create spring                   harm
17:                    fly
18:            dispel evil          locate object
              remove curse
19:               identify
20:                  haste
21:  protection from light
22:           cure disease               preserve
23:            dispel good          create buffet
24:                   heal
28:         remove silence
30:                 devote
32:          second attack             share pain
34:       infernal healing
35:           dread visage
36:           cry of havoc
37: contract of protection
38:         infuse weapons
40:          demonic leech
42:       arcane abatement
44: demonic supplification
45:              helltouch
47:         confer essence
50:           third attack
52:           shadow cloak
55:      enhanced two-hand
58:       blood attunement
60:    desecrating essence