Assassins can inflict massive amounts of damage with a single blow. They are not strong fighters, but if they get the first attack, you had better watch out. They have brutal attacks that can bring instant death to anyone, if the assassin has reached perfect mastery.

ALL Abilities available for Assassin class.

Lv               Abilities

 1:        surprise attack                   kick
             miscellaneous                    axe
                  bludgeon                   bows
                    thrown                 spears
               two handers            long blades
              short blades         fencing blades
 2:                   swim
 3:                   hide
 4:                   trip
 5:                  sneak
 7:                  stalk
 9:                  dodge
12:                 disarm
14:                  flank
18:          second attack
24:              set traps
27:                    sap
30:               backstab                 circle
             poison weapon
34:                   dual
36:           instant kill
38:                  slash
40:                confuse
45:          dual backstab
60:            assassinate