Low Level Areas
Thorn Training Grounds
Raiden Anstasia
Deth Black Hand Guild
Aias Camador Forest
Mobius Cliff Dwellers
Strahd Crystalmir Lake
Aias Faerie Forest
Deth Ghelden Pass
Sirena Gnome Village of Dreyfurth
Manx Goblin Caves
Deth Graveyard
Vague Gypsy Forest
Deth Hilltop
Teonhasgel Khanjar
Deth Moord's Encampment
Eve Northern Ocean
Phantasm Poor District
Deth Rosemont Sewers
Boccob Royal Campsite
Mobius Sewers Below Camador
Tharizdun Small Village
Phantasm Zhrastan Guild
Thorn Bycross
Thorn Plainsreach
Thorn Inisvale Bog
Thorn Vendaro Foothills
Thorn The Red Cave
Thorn Horkos Cave
Thorn Battlescar Spire
Thorn Brightwood

Mid Level Areas
Lynda Camador
Aias Alhazi Castle
Aias Alhazi Stronghold
Jennyelf Amazonia
Deth Blackthorn Hall
Aias Camador Palace
Cisaeco City of Ancient Dwarves
Vague Cursed Elves
Phantasm Desert Town
Boccob Dimwood Forest
Deth DruidVale
Deth Dulgon Heights
Deth Dulgon March West
Sirena Festival of Falderal
Vague Flynn's Hideout
Phantasm Ghelden Pass
Aias Giant Hills
Deth GiantWall
Mings Gnoll Stronghold
Denmar Haranshire
Skylar? High Tower of Sorcery
Phantom Ice Castles
Guido King William's Castle
Deth Lizardman Caves
Midnight Mesonairah
Deth Mines of Baeg'Lur
Raiden, Diku/Me Myrradel City
Aias Northern Mountains
Sharidin Pirates
Messiah Pixie Kingdom
Messiah Pixie Palace
Deth Rebel Base
Deth Rosemont Harbor
Deth Rosemont
Aias Shantytown
Boom Shaolin Temple
Aias Southern Mountains
Phantasm The Tainted Church
Deth Temple of Veng
Telak Trading Post
Phantasm Treefolk Village
Deth Tunnels of Ancient Darkness
Midnight Valley of the Lost
Eve Verin Bay
Malice Volcano of Nerak
Phantasm Watchmen's HQ
Cisaeco The Dump
Mobius Wererats
Deth Western Sea
Sirena Whispering Pines
Deth White Sands
Katala Zhrastan
Thorn Vendaro Marches
Thorn Polgrons Mission

High Level Areas
Aias Astral
Aias Barbarian Camp
Phantasm Black Hole
Aias Bones Barrow
Boccob Burned Temple
Crazylady Caelstrom
Rieru Camelot
Deth Dark Fen
Izzy Depths of Hell
Deth Dulgon Crypts
Deth Dulgon March
Sirena Great Cypress Swamp
Dylan Harpies
Phantasm Haunted Forest
Phantasm Humans vs Orcs
Eve Isle of Exile
Denmar Lok'tar's keep
Zeus Maze of the Minotaur Kings
Aias Northern Plains
Wilco Ocliw Regor Manor
Mendorm Quillnargth
Aldur Ragnor
Aias Rosemont Palace
Deth Rystel's Caverns
Midnight Shadow Fortress
Malice Soaring Tavern
Teonhasgel Southern Ocean
Messiah Sun Palace
Teonhasgel The Citadel
Crush/Phantasm Tombs of Camador
Aias Troll Den
Vague Under the Bridge
Paradox Urugal's Empire
Fen Water Palace
Phantasm Wistruk's Mines
Phantasm Worm Tunnels
Glop Yggdrasil
Aias Yuelath