One of the hardest, though advantageous classes to play. Thieves master the art of deception, as well as crime. They do not earn their experience from killing like other classes, but instead make their levels by stealing from MOB's and PLAYERS. Thieves are the most frail of fighters, but their arts of deception make up for it. If you are looking for a kill and smash class, this is NOT the one to play. But if you are looking for an edge over others, try and master this class.

ALL Abilities available for Thief class.

Lv               Abilities

 1:        surprise attack                   kick
             miscellaneous                    axe
                  bludgeon                   bows
                    thrown                 spears
               two handers            long blades
              short blades         fencing blades
 2:                   swim
 3:                   hide
 4:                   trip
 5:                  sneak
 7:                  stalk
 9:                  dodge
12:                 disarm
14:                  flank
16:              set traps
20:          second attack
30:               backstab                 circle
                      peek                 snatch
34:                    spy
35:                   pawn
36:                   palm
38:                pretend              pick lock
39:          detect secret
40:                scrolls                  steal
41:               untangle
42:                   slip               eyegouge
44:              throwsand
45:                  snare                undress
51:                  slash
55:          detect wanted
56:               disguise
58:          poison weapon
60:        sharp awareness